It can take up to two or three days for the entire World Wide Web to recognize your new domain name. Any time a new domain, or "web address," is created, it can take that much time for it to "propagate" to different servers (computers) scattered over the globe. In the meantime, a temporary, numbered address is given to you.

If you'd like to start uploading files to your site right away and not wait for this process, you may do so using the FTP instructions located in your welcome email from DotCanada using your server hostname as the FTP host name. It's the email that also contains your login information, how to start with email, etc.

To look at your control panel and begin exploring, you do not have to wait for this propagation process at all. You can use your server hostname in place of your domain name from the list of links given in your Welcome To DotCanada email.

The welcome email may have gone in to your junk folder, so be cautious of this when looking for it! Note it is subjected Welcome To DotCanada and the sender is DotCanada Billing.


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