dotCanada offers a wide variety of website building tools that allow you to build and manage your personal or business website. To ensure your site's security, it’s crucial to update these tools regularly. Regular updates reduce the risk your site will be compromised or infected with malicious software.

You will receive an email when your Fantastico scripts need to be updated.

To ensure you receive all notifications:

Visit cPanel > Fantastico > Email Notifications and check that all information is correct.

Keep cPanel > Update Contact Info current (to make sure you receive password reset codes if you forget your password).

These are separate from your billing email address, which you should also keep current, of course, so you receive billing renewal notices, etc.

To update plugins and scripts, simply follow these steps:

Go to

Under “Software/Services” choose “Fantasico De Luxe”

You will see a list of scripts that require upgrading. Beside each will be a link you can click to start the update process. If nothing is listed, there are no available updates at this time. If you’re expecting one, check back in an hour or two – sometimes there is a brief delay to ensure the new version is stable.

REMINDER: please be proactive by regularly backing up your files. To learn more about website backups please read the related dotCanada article


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