Account suspensions due to spam

In these situations, what happens is an ISP, like Rogers, receives multiple complaints about spam. When this happens, the spam, completely unrelated to your business, but from your email accounts, gets reviewed by the ISP. They determine whether or not this is spam, or just someone complaining about a perfectly legit email. If they determine that it's spam, they forward it to us, and tell us it's been flagged as spam. If we don't suspend our customers who have been hijacked in this way, we run the risk of having it seriously affect all our customers. So, even if we don't believe there's any wrongdoing on your part, we have to take measures to stop whoever may have run a script on your account. That being said, we recommend the following to get you back up and running again:

Check with your script provider for updates. If they update the scripts frequently, make sure you stay up-to-date.

If the script provider no longer updates the script, move on to another one, ideally one that's popular enough to ensure you won't go through this again any time soon.

Implement the new script, or at least disable the old one.

Contact us again, and we will re-activate your account.

If this was due to a form script, read the following for some tips:

HTML forms are a convenient way of allowing visitors to your website to fill out information and have the resulting data emailed to you. In order for this to work on your website, there must be a script which interprets the HTML form and actually sends the information to you via email.

Examples of this kind of form processing script would be FormMail and FormMail.php, located at:

These can be used with existing forms, but you must follow their documentation carefully. See the documentation on those sites for the information you need.


Please let us know if you have any further issues.

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