Does dotCanada offer Front Page Extensions



Since June 30, 2006 the Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions for UNIX have been End-of-Lifed. As a result, dotCanada can no longer provide the support or availability for the Front Page Server Extensions. The lack of new updates causes Front Page Server Extensions to represent a threat to the stability and security of our Panelbox environment.

There are no plans for a FP2003 Server Extensions for UNIX release.  Please refer to Microsoft for additional information:


Microsoft no longer supports Frontpage Extension. Due to the infrastructure requirements of the Panelbox platform, Frontpage Extensions are no longer supported. You will still be able to maintain your website in Frontpage. When publishing your site to your hosting account, you will need to select the FTP protocol.


If you use certain Frontpage Extension such as counters or web forms, these will no longer work. Panelbox offers a form generator, phpFormGenerator through the OneClick and there are many third-party form builders including We apologize in advance to all Frontpage customers that need to recreate forms.

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