Making a Link to your cPanel using Mozilla Prism

You can install prism 2 ways,


1 - the standalone, this involves downloading an executable file and installing it onto your machine

2 - the firefox addon, this involves installing the Firefox addon.


The benefits of Prism is that it offers you a link that allows you to treat your cPanel/Panelbox account as if it was a application.

This is beneficial for those wanting a link on their desktop for their cPanel.


Prism turns your webmail into a fully featured mail client by using new browser technologies. for the standalone for the firefox extension

Simply install the application as you normally would.


Once installed run the application.


It will prompt you for an address and a name. The rest of the checkboxes are your choice.


In the address bar I suggest inputting the temporary URL we provide in your welcome email.

(ie, or for webmail


Enter the name as "Panelbox".


Select the checkbox beside Desktop and click OK at the bottom of the screen.


Launch the new Icon on your desktop.


Et voila! You now have Prism installed and a Panelbox link installed on your desktop.

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